Training and Coaching for Women Leaders

Unlocking the full potential of women in business is our mission and expertise. Women Prepared to Lead mentors, guides and coaches women identified within their organizations as high potential, future leaders. Our program focuses exclusively on helping women develop the communication skills, executive presence, gravitas and skills necessary for success within their organizations. Through mentoring, education and coaching, Women Prepared to Lead helps women reach beyond their limitations and become the strong leaders that companies need to succeed. 

A recent Harvard Business Review report revealed that one of the primary reasons that women struggle to advance to top level positions in their chosen fields is a lack of executive presence - their ability to command a room, motivate others and speak powerfully. Women Prepared to Lead exists to help women, and the companies they work for, overcome this barrier.

Our program focuses on helping women leaders develop their ability to communicate powerfully, proactively manage conflict, negotiate, speak to audiences and manage others. 

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