Thank you so much for signing up to attend Finding the Courage to be Seen & Heard™ - Essential Steps to Reclaiming Your Voice and Mastering Courageous Conversations. At Women Prepared to Lead, we believe that communication shapes everything that matters so we are thrilled that you've made the commitment to attend.

Our workshop is based on Seen & Heard Method™ coaching, a framework designed to help you overcome the hesitation that we so often feel when we want to speak up.  It was developed to help women leaders of any and every background understand and leverage your identity, personal story and experience so that you can find and use your voice in even the most difficult situations.  

What does it mean to be Seen & heard?

It means:

  • redefining what you believe about your voice and visibility.
  • having a healthy relationship to your identity, your power, and your agency-- no matter what. 
  • being your own best advocate.
  • knowing exactly what you want to say and saying it effortlessly.
  • having the confidence and skills to speak to anyone, in any environment, so that you are showing up and being heard the way you want to be heard.
  • never again allowing your contributions go unnoticed and making the difficult leap from workhorse to leader that quieted women rarely make with success.
  • making sure that you are speaking your truth with grace, and never allowing anything or anyone (not even that voice in your head) silence you again.

During our workshop, we explore, connect, and practice, doing essential work to help become a more persuasive leader, more proficient at advocating for yourself and others, and courageous enough to take the professional and personal risks necessary to advance your career.

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